Principal Investigator

Partha Sharathi Dutta

Associate Professor


  • Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, University of Oldenburg, Germany (Feb. 2011 - Jan. 2013)

  • Associate Research Fellow, University of Exeter, UK (Jun. - Oct. 2010)

  • Guest Researcher, University of Stuttgart, Germany (Oct. - Nov. 2009)

  • PhD: IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, India

  • M.Sc: University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India

Work experience

  • Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (Apr. 2018 - Present)

  • Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (Feb. 2013 - Mar. 2018)

  • Visiting Fellow, Princeton University, NJ, USA (May - Jul. 2017)


Current PhD Students

Subhendu Bhandary

B.Sc Mathematics, Ramakrishna Mission Residential college

M.Sc Mathematics, IIT Guwahati

Research Interest: My main research interest is to study network resilience under the face of intrinsic and environmental perturbations. Currently I am working on the interplay between local dynamical complexity and structural complexity on the emergent spatiotemporal dynamics. I am also interested to study the impact of intrinsic perturbations on ecological networks.


Arzoo Narang

B.Sc Mathematics and Computing, Panjab University

M.Sc Mathematics, Panjab University

Research Interest: I am mainly interested in exploring different areas of ecology which explicitly considers the evolution of species and interactions between them by making certain mathematical assumptions. My work includes studying mathematical models in order to better understand the effects of environmental variability on population dynamics.


Smita Deb

B.Sc Mathematics, St Xavier’s college Kolkata

M.Sc Mathematics, IIEST Shibpur

Research Interest: I am interested in understanding critical transitions in complex spatiotemporal systems. Currently, I am working on a project which uses machine learning techniques to forewarn critical transitions in complex systems under the influence of diverse types of noise.


Ravi Kumar K

B.Sc Mathematics, The American College, Madurai

M.Sc Mathematics, Pondicherry University

Research Interest: A lot has already been known regarding the tipping points of autonomous dynamical systems. However, not much is known about tipping points in nonautonomous systems. When the evolution law of a dynamical system explicitly depends on time, the system is called nonautonomous. New concepts are needed to understand tipping points in nonautonomous systems. My work broadly focuses on understanding tipping points in nonautonomous systems.


Lab Alumni

Taranjot Kaur

M.Sc Mathematics, Delhi University

PhD, IIT Ropar

PhD degree awarded: 2022

Thesis title: Ecosystem Stability Under Environmental Change

After Dutta Lab: Valdovinos Lab, Laboratory of Ecological Networks, Dept. of Environmental Science and Policy, University of California, Davis, USA.

Sukanta Sarkar

M.Sc Mathematics, IIT Madras

PhD, IIT Ropar

PhD degree awarded: 2021

Thesis title: Tipping Points in Complex Systems: From Prediction to Mitigation

After Dutta Lab: The Drake Lab, Laboratory of Population Dynamics, Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia, Athens, USA.

Ramesh Arumugam

M.Sc Mathematics, IIT Madras

PhD, IIT Ropar

PhD degree awarded: 2018

Thesis title: Synchrony and Stability: Towards Understanding Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Ecosystems

After Dutta Lab: The Guichard Lab, Theoretical and Marine Ecology, Department of Biology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Yogita Sharma

M.Sc Mathematics, Panjab University

PhD, IIT Ropar

PhD degree awarded: 2017

Thesis title: Regime Shifts in Bistable Biological Systems

After Dutta Lab: The Marshall Lab, Divisions of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, USA.

( Joint supervision with Dr. A. K. Gupta)

Anubhav Gupta

BS-MS, IISER Kolkata

MS degree awarded: 2017

MS Thesis title: Increased Persistence via Asynchrony in Oscillating Ecological Populations with Long-range Interaction

After Dutta Lab: Petchey Lab, Predictive Ecology Group, Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

(Anubhav was a visiting BS-MS student from IISER Kolkata and I have supervised his final year Master’s Thesis. )

Dr. Krishnendu Pal

Postdoc: Feb - Nov 2021

Ph.D.: S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences

Research Interest: Krishnendu worked on critical transitions in spatiotemporal ecological systems in the presence of correlated stochastic fluctuations.

After Dutta Lab: Physics and Applied Mathematics Unit, ISI Kolkata