Welcome to Mathematical Biology Laboratory. We are located at the Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India.

This is an interdisciplinary research group.  We strive to understand complex dynamics of various natural systems, ranging from computational systems biology to population ecology, and climate change, using theoretical (mathematical and computational) work and empirical data analysis.

In complex systems, "tippings" or "critical transitions" are sudden, large, often irreversible, and usually unexpected changes in the state of a dynamical system, precipitated under the influence of small stochastic perturbations. Critical transitions are generally associated with some "critical threshold" of external conditions (e.g., environmental variations) at which the system's steady-state abruptly shifts to an alternative state with contrasting dynamical behavior. Well-studied examples of critical transitions include the sudden collapse of ecosystems, the onset of collapse in mutualistic communities, the crash of markets in global finance, abrupt climatic shifts, and epileptic seizures. An early prediction of upcoming critical transitions from a healthy state to a diseased state using critical slowing down based early warning signals is one of our prime interests due to potential applications in forecasting a disease onset.